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Our digital community is filled to the brim with on-the-pulse fashionistas, awe-inspiring artists, picture-perfect photographers, curious cinema stars and much more. Become a part of our vibrant and varied community by contributing with your own photos, stories, news, or videos.

This is your platform to shine. Your place to get noticed. Make it happen. Hone your skills to be who you want to be. Kick ass. Whatever. Really. Nothing can stop you now.

Your Benefits

LA Dreams isn’t just a place to share your content: it’s a place to get noticed. We’ll share your work with the who’s who of Los Angeles with the aim to make you filthy rich and famous. The more people who contribute, the more powerful we’ll become, so get sharing today!


Glitz, glamour and money – it’s one of the most popular industries for a reason. Whether you’re on the hunt for somewhere to demonstrate your latest lines, or a model looking to break into the industry, share your work and get noticed.


Want to join the infamous paparazzi? Or more of an urban landscape artist? Whatever your passion is, whether you’re a casual shooter, or a dedicated professional photographer, demonstrate your talent with us at LA Dreams.


Think of yourself as the next Steven Spielberg? The modern day Stanley Kubrick? Looking to get noticed by producers? Shoot, edit and upload your amazing work straight here at LA Dream! Cinematographers and actors are welcomed.


Notoriously one of the hardest industries to break into. With LA Dreams you can upload your best work to share with producers and fellow artists alike. Take the first big leap into your music career and collaborate with us today.

Your Talent is appreciated here
We welcome everyone, from all walks of life, school, college or neighbourhood. In LA Dreams you’ve found the perfect place to showcase your skills.

Here you can voice demonstrate the talent you’ve always had inside you and share then with the world. Our mission is to boast young or rising stars, hoping to make a difference with the skills they have.
Your talent, whether it’s in fashion, photography, cinema – or even graffiti – is more than welcome. Use this platform to inspire others and make a name for yourself.

Invite your friends

We want to create a safe and secure place where artists can collaborate and show the world everything they have, but LA Dreams can only grow by sharing our platform with others. Got a talented friend, but they’re too afraid to flaunt what they have – invite them to LA Dreams and show them the benefits of collaborating with us. It’s all down to you – what are you waiting for?

How Can You Contribute?

Simply post and share your own articles, photographs or short presentations about yourself.

Feel free to share content on any other Social Media Network.