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LA-Inspired Decor Accessories: 12 Decor Accessories Inspired by Los Angeles

12 Decor Accessories Inspired by Los Angeles, California

In Los Angeles, you have a mix of people from all over the world. The city is multicultural and vibrant, which makes it a great place to visit or live in. Los Angeles decor accessories are known for their uniqueness and diversity. Here’s a list of 12 Los Angeles inspired decor accessories that will help make your home feel more like Los Angeles!

12 Los Angeles inspired decor accessories:

  1. “I Love California” Vinyl wall decal
  2. Cactus candle holder (perfect for a California themed party)
  3. “Los Angeles” city skyline wall art print -Wooden “LA” sign post
  4. Cactus pillows (perfect for a patio or outdoor space)
  5. “Hollywood Sign” pillow set -Clothing rack with hangers shaped like palm trees
  6. Long wooden bench with decorative metal detailing along the sides (perfect for a patio or outdoor space)
  7. “I Love LA” tea light candle holder (great for an outdoor fire pit!)
  8. Large wooden storage shelf with recessed doors and drawers (perfect to store your bathroom supplies in the morning, then use as a bar cart at night)
  9. “Venice Beach” pillow set -Wooden rectangle tray with handles (perfect for a coffee table!)
  10. L.A themed decorative pillows for your couch or bed!
  11. A skateboard for wall decor inspired by LA’s sweet skateboarding culture!
  12. LA by Night skyline wall art print (perfect for your living room!)

Decorating Accessories Inspired by Los Angeles City, California

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